The very first International Contest that KSF organized in Pakistan was the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC). The people contributing in this Contest are top education experts from more than 70 countries around the world. They have their Doctoral degrees from most prestigious universities of the world. A large number of universities worldwide is directly supporting this Contest. Most valuable asset of this Contest is that dozens of National Mathematical Societies, research institutions and several Math Trusts, including UK Math Trust, are very proud to support International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest. In academically developed countries a National Mathematical Society represents all the major universities of the country, and is generally responsible for making education policies. Most of the International Mathematics Olympiad country leaders also support IKMC. This Contest has won several international prestigious prizes including Paul Erdos Prize which was given to IKMC because of its extreme usefulness for enhancing the quality of education in schools. This makes IKMC a Contest with the strongest academic value. For similar reasons all the contests that we organize have highest academic values.


The Kangourou Sans Frontieres-Pakistan brings together the experience of education experts from around the world. It aims to promote a culture of critical and clear thinking as well as good communication skills. KSF intends to contribute in the educational progress of Pakistani schools and colleges in several different ways, which also include the organizing of world's largest mathematics contest and an annual international linguistic contest. The contests provide an international recognition to the school children at a very early stage of their life. We definitely want Pakistani children to be part of this recognition. These competitions give them an opportunity to prove that at the international level their talent is second to none. The International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) is a source of intellectual encouragement for all and a challenge for the genius ones. We make an effort to give Pakistani children confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics, help them to understand how mathematics applies in nature’s laws and humans' lives, develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through intellectual activities and show that mathematical education is crucial in every aspect of life. It has been observed all around the world that the students who participate in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest several times during their school education, indeed perform better in the entry tests of medical/engineering colleges, universities and other professional degree programs worldwide. It is simply because one of the important characters of IKMC is to enhance the skills of participating students in responding to completely unseen original questions. The International English Contest, formally known as International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC), is specifically designed to refine the communication skills in English, the skills that have central role in education. KSF-Pakistan is happy to announce the International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) and International Kangaroo Science Contest (IKSC) in Pakistan. The spirit and aim of these contests are similar to those of IKMC and IKLC. The IBIC supports the culture and education in Computer Science while IKSC is a great way to help them explore the world around them.


All our contests are created with the goal to broaden the minds of Pakistani children, to enhance and develop their ability of constraintless thinking. We do not intend to test their memorized knowledge, rather we want the students to have an opportunity to show how good their brain can work if it is not polluted. It is our strong recommendation to Principals and Teachers, please do not stress out your students asking them to prepare for the "Kangaroo exam". A Kangaroo Contest is not an exam, it is a lesson of the year, a lesson of a very distinct value. Let your students enjoy this lesson stress free, and no child should be deprived of it. Let their brain fly out of curriculum and textbook formulas. Let them have the freedom to go beyond the frontiers and show their individual natural talent. They all have something precious to learn from it. Each child may learn something different according to the aptitude and taste for a certain subject. In our contests, children will see a good number of problems and questions they would not expect. Precisely this is the most essential part of the training that must be given to our students. When schoolchildren can answer even one such unexpected question, they immediately start relying upon their brain. The learning experience of Kangaroo Contest does not end right after the contest time is over. Students take the questions booklets with them and a dialogue between parents-children and teachers-students on these unexpected problems is generated and continues for some longer period of time. This also gives information to our students about what the children in other countries of the world are doing. This is the true benefit of an international contest. Of course we agree that it requires a good amount of courage from the teachers to put their students through such an international contest.